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albino moose

Snow Moose: is this not the best looking creature you have even seen? Maine and a snow moose solid white

Белый лось

[ALBINO MOOSE FROM NORWAY: " Worrys be a mis- use of de mind, but me haz betters concerns than wonderin' if me coulds pass az white chocolate.

White Moose - I love the things nature can do that WE can't.

Albino and white moose have been reported in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Vermont…

piebald moose cow with her twins... the recessive coloring is protective and helps them blend in

piebald moose cow with her twins. the recessive coloring is protective and…

Photo courtesy of Bill Roth. Some believe that when white animals, like the moose pictured above, are born, they signify the coming of a time of unity. What exactly is expected for the future cannot be known, but doesn't it...

in October of this year, a rare albino moose was killed by trophy hunters.it is one thing to kill for food if needed.but to kill this beautiful animal, or any animal, just for a trophy is cruel and heartbreaking