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Kougami Shinya and Tsunemori Akane- Psycho Pass - by 小宮 on pixiv

Psycho Pass/ Makashima. LMAO!!! I can't stop laughing!

This is the first and most important message of "Psycho-Pass" - READ or Makishima will slap you!

i think nobuchika's character is so beautiful... its so deep hence making it a little difficult to get a hold on.... but still this character is full of emotions, fears and still is  strong...

Psycho-Pass ~~ Nobuchika Ginoza- at the start he was the one I cared for the least and at the end he was the on I cared for the most.

It's not just you, dude. Don't worry :I

He looks like Levi Ackerman and Sebastian Michaelis love child, who stole Byakya Towgamis glasses

深見 真(2013)『小説 PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス (上)』マッグガーデン

深見 真(2013)『小説 PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス (上)』マッグガーデン

What Color? - One of the few times I wanted the bad guy to win...

Psycho Pass-What Colour? Is strange, but I really loved his personality ^^