Bad Wedding Photos Goose  I don't see this marriage lasting very long.

Funny Wedding Photos: 13 more Bad Big Day Disasters

More Funny Wedding Photos. Bad Wedding Disasters of the worst kind. From ugly wedding dressing to just plain funny pictures these bad big day blunders horrible

Which one is the groom?

More funny wedding pictures! Just glad these crazy and awkward pics weren't deleted or left on the developing room floor. Get married to a laugh the bride woul

Bad Wedding Photos: Yet 7 More of the Funny and Disastrous!!

Bad Wedding Photos: Yet 7 More of the Funny and Disastrous

Boing!! More Funny Wedding Pictures!

Funny Wedding Photos: 13 more Bad Big Day Disasters

My big fat gypsy wedding.  So funny!

Big Fat Gypsy goldmine: How one TV company has exploited travellers to make it very rich indeed

This will never get old. Ever.

Lauren Caitlin Upton is a beauty queen from South Carolina, US, who is best known for her incoherent response to a question asked during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant.

Comment faire croire qu'on reste tard au boulot ?

Funny Pics – Staying late at the office. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.


Funny Wedding Pictures: Another bad wedding photo from Team Jimmy Joe. Funny, looks like the new family is getting kicked off in the worst, awkward way.

Funny WTF | Funny WTF Wedding Pictures Photo Gallery : theBERRY

Some seriously WTF wedding pics just for you (17 photos)

Goth Wedding It looks like the whole crew attended this grand wedding day! The married couple is scarier than the Apocalypse as the bride reveals her fangs!

Awkward Family Photos: The Couples Edition    Oooh I love this one!

The Most Awkward 'Romantic' Photos - Ever (PICTURES)

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