Goooorgeous Muslim Bride.

Rainbow Sherbet Cheesecake

Gold & White wedding gown - "Portrait of a Muslim Bride" by AH Portrait Photography

A girl clad in 'set-mundu'

A girl clad in 'set-mundu'

color Photo: Veiled woman in doorway

Veiled Woman on Doorstep Photograph by Steve McCurry A veiled Nepali woman, covered head-to-toe in shades of blue, pauses to rest in a colorful doorway in one of the small Himalayan hill towns found in Nepal's Anapurna region.

Image by Arrowood

This makes me reconsider my decision of getting a traditional white dress for my wedding. This is beyond gorgeous. So beautiful!

We are back with one of the most talented photographers, Mr. Irfan Ahson! Not only is he one of the finest wedding photographers in Pakistan, he is also one of the nicest people I have met.    After emailing him last year on Facebook (have to admit, I was scared!), he's allowed us to share his bridal photos with you all.  It's a difficult life spending hours and  [...]

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