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¡Para pelos salvajes! Nada de modelos con cabellos 10. En este caso la creatividad viene de dejar atrás los estereotipos de estos anuncios.

Coca-Cola Light Vintage Advertising Too funny! Great ad for shampoo.

Horse nose and smile! Fuzzy cute nose with view head on.

A very happy donkey. But, hey, you have a blade of grass in your teeth buddy.

How do you breath with that little thing?

the joke: what did the elephant say to the naked man? "how do you breathe out of that tiny thing?

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Can These Hilarious Animal Memes Make You Laugh? Thank u captain obvious 🤣😂😂

Do I really need to tell you.... What my DAY has been like?

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Crazy Mother funny cute memes animals cat crazy meme lol funny sayings humor funny animals TY Kathy Henry . the look on Tiddle's face is priceless!

The 50 Best Funny Animal Pictures - Funny Animals

Funny pictures about Derp Pug is on to you. Oh, and cool pics about Derp Pug is on to you. Also, Derp Pug is on to you.

That feeling after dentist injection #meme #funny #animal #lol

Not me, it's the only reason I agree to have dental work done. I tell them, I don't want to feel my entire head or the drool running down my face before any dental stuff happens.

Fuck !!!!


middle finger by Jari Peltomäki ''This young Japanese Macaque (Snow monkey) was showing his middle finger to me when I was photographing him bathing.


Funny pictures about Thquirrel! Oh, and cool pics about Thquirrel! Also, Thquirrel!