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Kdrama confessions It's sad how true this is, especially since kdramas usually are hour long episodes.

Because i can't speak korean i always say "hajiman bangtandgsjvdjfb dhkshdkdha fjshq eolkka?" << perfect comment

Could not be more accurate cx<<<i was listening to my music on shuffle when this came on. Accurate does not begin to describe this and now my friends definitely know I'm weirdest

I once ranted about how stupid SHINee was and my friend looked at me like I had three heads.

I once ranted about how stupid BTS is and my friend looked at me like I had three heads.

This is so very true for me. I also go back a lot on a music video cuz I'm watching one member then I see another member doing something and I'm like "ooo I missed that, gotta go back."

And even thought you watched Growl 1357962456800 times, you still focus only on Sehun and Kris


Note: Some of the things I post on this board do NOT apply to me and/or necessarily reflect my own views. // I mean, yeah, I'm Asian? But I'm not Korean, and I don't necessarily like it just because I'm Asian.

One of my fav scenes honestly don't know what to do now that it's over #postkdramaphasebegins

I dont know what drama is this,I'll watch it soon.anyway sembreak is coming 😂😂 Dec.

It makes me so happy to finally see NU'est being included in these things :) I used to see it just sometimes but now I'm seeing them more and more <3

Kpop fans can relate- HAHAHAHA, This is what Kpop does to your mind and life. xD once you become a kpopper, EVERYTHING reminds you of it!


That moment when you can only think of Kpop-songs instead of english songs xD

This monster is very dangerous. He can destroy anything

This monster is very dangerous. He can destroy anything Best Rapmonster joke ever

Damn yassss it is just so true that i can even say whether that person is korean just by looking at them.

when you are too much into kpop/korean dramas

there are a lot of words in korean that sound like mandarin, taiwanese, and fewer like japanese (im not fluent in japanese yet, only learning), so i always feel like i can almost understand it but i actually cannot

Great One Jackson...

What an idiot because Gayeon is super freakin hot and fit as hell, all homo intended.

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