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Credit: Kenneth Libbrecht/Barcroft Media A fernlike stellar dendrite snowflake

Snowflakes under the microscope

This snowflake has fernlike stellar dendrites - the branches of the stellar crystals have so many sidebranches that they look like ferns.

arne and carlos sock-2

A favorite sock knitting yarn can be as individual as one's favorite perfume. Figuring out the best choice for your feet.

School satchel. had one very similar. As if you can get all your books in that! Soon progressed to ubiquitous sports bag

Full of my "spell books", flying gloves and plastic pet toad - just like Mildred Hubbell - LM

Autumn — Guðrún Ólöf                                                       …


Gray overcoat, leather skirt, and open toe heel make for the perfect ensemble. alles für Ihren Stil - www.

Yellow Feather Hat~♛

Wear a crazy hat and go to the Royal Ascot to look at other crazy hat wearers.

Lord of The Rings Nursery – Ordinary Fashionista

Lord of The Rings Nursery