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Mac's Brewery #packaging #design

Mac's Brewery

Packaging - Mac's Brewery - "Really fun design by Shine for Mac's Brewery. The textured bottle is a nice touch.

Una bananita, duas bananitas

I really like the monkey design because he adds to the fun feel of the design. The font works well with the monkey because it is curvy and that gives off a "fun" vibe.


Crumbly is a small bird living in her own nesting box. She is thrifty and diligent, that’s why she always has a lot of grain.

Artisan Bee lovely #packaging PD

Artisan Bee

Packaging / Origami

Sustainable Origami Food Box by Michealle Lee -- Inspired by origami, the packaging resembles a bud that blooms into a flower when opened. It was created with sustainability in mind, being only one piece of paperboard with no glue or plastic.

Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive

[Transparency] Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive. The clear packaging shows off the fruit and yogurt inside, unlike conventional fruit yoghurt. It gives consumer an impression that the fruits are fresher with their straight forwardness.

Chinese Seal Wine packaging design by Riliang Zhang - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/11/chinese-seal-wine-your-name-my-surname.html

Chinese Seal Wine - Your Name, My Surname

Chinese Seal Wine - Your Name, My Surname on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - created on