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Superman wins

Funny pictures about Superman vs. Oh, and cool pics about Superman vs. Also, Superman vs.


Look at these amazing actors as their hero personas and when they're playing the people behind them. look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris. LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING

Super selfies by Superman, Batman and iron man i feel like iron man would have hulk to take it for him

Super Selfies…

Funny pictures about Super Selfies. Oh, and cool pics about Super Selfies. Also, Super Selfies.

Repinning from myself while browsing my boards for Spider-Man stuff...

Superheroes - Then and Now

The evolution of super heroes. Wow, that first Captain America and Hulk.

Meanwhile in the future

Back To The Future’s Prediction…MIND BLOWN! Disney now owns rights to Star Wars and are possibly making more movies. Not including that he traveled to the year of 2015 and the Star Wars movie is so posed to come out then!

Super hero family time -- this... This... I love this... This is precious and I may now be emotionally unstable LOL

Super hero family time

Super hero family time -- this. This is precious, then it broke my heart seeing Peter Parker without his Uncle Ben.

Yeah it sucks when people actually guess what happened lol

Anil short story essay for kids short story Anil essays *trying to think of things for my personal essay for college* "well ive never been to jail and I am a homebody, also love dogs and make up"


Funny pictures about Sons with daddy issues. Oh, and cool pics about Sons with daddy issues. Also, Sons with daddy issues.

Tony teaching Steve about Star Wars - Imgur

Tony teaching Steve about Star Wars

Tony Stark reacts to Steve Roger's Things-To-Learn Notebook in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Star Wars WAS marked off. I can totally see this happening.

I just like this pic. Thor: The Dark World

Which Superhero Is Your Guardian Angel?

this Thor costume was used in all the films involving Thor including the avengers film which was released in Thor costume is being worn by an actor(Chris Hemsworth)

captain america engagement ring - Google Search

Not only is this funny because its the Hulk, but the youth ministry at my church has a joke about this song now. <== FOR THE COMMENT!

I'm not gonna lie, mario kart my have flashed in my mind for a second when Thor said Rainbow Bridge. <---- The Rainbow Bridge flashes through my mind at mention of Rainbow Road in Mariokart.

Look out ladies, because I am coming prepared!

Avengers Pick Up Lines.i found these way too funny. Thors is great and lokis is just so wrong lmao

And I have to wear shades.

Both eyes. That Loki! is also Hydra and Odin is giving Asgard to Thor, so they really have one eye apiece and Loki has both eyes and a fan girl army so.

Jarvis!! xD

Kid photos of the Avengers The only ones I recognize are Cap'n, Loki and Banner. -but Jarvis is cute! again, Batman and the Joker are not even part of Marvel, let alone from The Avengers. Spiderman is Marvel, but he's not in the Avengers.