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Emerald the stone of May...

Emerald Gemstones Emerald, The Birthstone of May nelsoncarpenter Estate Platinum Muzo Emerald Diamond Ring

Tourquoise Buying-Guide. GIA (021815)

Turquoise Buying Guide

Found only in a few places on earth, turquoise is December’s second birthstone. GIA’s Turquoise Buying Guide helps you make your next gemstone purchase.

Ruby buying guide.

Ruby Buying Guide

How much do you think this costs? Ruby Gemstones Things about Ruby that Designer Jewellers Sydney Don’t Tell… Pure gold and ruby aura quartz point, hybrid aura

#Tanzanite Buying Guide.

Tanzanite Buying Guide

Notable for its majestic blue velvet and intense royal purples, learn what gives tanzanite its stunning color by reading GIA's Tanzanite Buying Guide.

4Cs Diamond Quality Infographic. GIA (020414)

Understanding the 4Cs of Diamond Quality

Topaz Buying Guide. GIA (021815)

Topaz Buying Guide

One of November’s birthstones, topaz has the unique ability to show different colors in different crystal directions. Learn about this gem in GIA's topaz buying guide.

Diamond Buying Guide. GIA (040114)

Diamond Buying Guide

Every REEDS Signature diamond is evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America, the largest and most respected nonprofit source of Gemological Knowledge in the world.

Aquamarine Buying Guide

Aquamarine Buying Guide

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, grows in gorgeous crystals and sparkles like the ocean. This month’s Aquamarine Buying Guide isn't one to miss.

Jade Buying Guide. GIA (111214)

Jade Buying Guide

But did you know that jadeite is available in lavender (but not in pink? Find out these obscure facts and more with our exclusive Jade Buying Guide.