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女性で、1LDK、カップル住まいのディアウォール/ハンガーラック/DIY/棚についてのインテリア実例を紹介。(この写真は 2015-02-19 14:03:35 に共有されました)

ディアウォール/ハンガーラック/DIY/My Shelfのインテリア実例 -2015-02-19 14:03:35

女性で、1LDK、カップル住まいのディアウォール/ハンガーラック/DIY/棚についてのインテリア実例を紹介。(この写真は 2015-02-19 14:03:35 に共有されました)

charger station idea

From bread box to charging station. Convert a bread box into a charging station for small electronic devices. Just drill a hole in the back, insert a rubber grommet, and thread the power-strip cord through.

Declutter Your Desk - mount everything underneath the desk using peg board.  This is GENIUS!!

Declutter Your Desk - mount everything underneath the desk using peg board. This is GENIUS!

Take back your space!  Keep your #cords organized and enjoy all of your gadgets in a clean and #organized environment.

How to Hide Cables in a Smart Apartment

This is a how to hide Cables in a Small Apartment with out damaging the walls around it. Install cord cover base, user anchors and screws or temporary adhesive to secure the walls. Strengthen wires (Tech Home Cleanses)

Great way to organize electronics..

Computer Cable Management on the Cheap

CABLES & CORDS :: Cable Management on the cheap! How to hide cords on open desks. This is awesome! Get that power strip off the floor!

Wine and liquor station

Before you begin even the simplest of woodworking projects, you’ll need some basic tools.

Most people aren’t aware of how great an impact a single TV mount can make on their “downtime” enjoyment. This here is not just “any old TV mount”. It’s a new room. Something that will amaze your guests. It’s true TV viewing satisfaction. A re-imagined, perfected home entertainment experience. It’s MantelMount.

MantelMount is the premier pull-down, over-the-fireplace TV mount. Your TV glare and neck strain days are over!

Lounge/無印良品/DIY/シンプル/ディアウォールのインテリア実例 - 2016-07-22 18:17:19|RoomClip (ルームクリップ)

無印良品/DIY/ディアウォール/シンプル/Loungeのインテリア実例 -2016-07-23 03:17:19

Lounge/無印良品/DIY/シンプル/ディアウォールのインテリア実例 - 2016-07-22 18:17:19|RoomClip (ルームクリップ)

DIY: How to hide your TV cables [VIDEO]

Cables are a necessary evil of owning a TV, but luckily, SANUS gives you two great options to help hide your TV cables.

A Wall-Mounted Cabinet

13 Tidy Charging Stations That Will Finally Control All Those Cords

Wall Mounted DIY Charging Station and Shelf Combo - Finding a dedicated spot to charge electronic devices while keeping the wires tamed and out of sight can be…

Plug Hub Under Desk Power Cord Management Station - http://99viral.com/simple-ideas-that-are-simply-genius-part-19/

For UK plugs I guess the sockets panel would need to be attached to the back of the cabinet. This looks so neat. "Use a Cable Organizer - Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects"

How this $14 infrared receiver can change your TV game forever...

How To Hide TV Wires For A Cord-Free Wall

While our recently-finished bonus room upstairs was never intended to be a dedicated “media room” or “theater room,” we always knew it’d make a great spot for special family movie nights. But in addin

9 идей для креатива из винных пробок – Своими руками

Wine Cork Holder Wall Decor Art - Keep Calm & Drink Wine Or a Beer bottle cap one Check this out!