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Cat Stevens

I believe this was from the same photoshoot which yielded the picture on the back of the "Catch Bull at Four" LP.

Always knew charles schultz was a genius

a frame from a yellowed peanuts comic with schroder holding up a brahms record and saying to lucy: "buying records cheers me up. when ever i feel low, i buy some new records"

Cat Stevens, with pets

The Cat Is Back. Yusuf Islam, formerly the pop singer Cat Stevens, embraces…

Cat Stevens, Islam, Peace, Muslim, Room

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens

Classic Stevie Nicks. #music #cultureclub

"DREAMS" - (With Lyrics) - STEVIE NICKS (Fleetwood Mac) - Miss Stevie! Everything that is Stevie = Goddess! The style, the voice, the soul, the aura, the her soul!

Cat in his London flat in January 1967.

Cat in his London flat in January

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens