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Found on fragonard.com - marieantoinettesplayhouse

Nordhordlandsbunader for mann og kvinne (svart variasjon).

Nordhordlandsbunader for mann og kvinne (svart variasjon). Married women would in many traditions wear "skauts" a square cloth to cover up their hair. unmarried would wear smaller black hats that allowed long plaits to be seen.

Macedonia:  Macedonia's dress is very different from any other culture in Europe. As a very young social identity of Slavs that now retrojectively considers itself the descendants of the ancient Macedonians (and Alexander the Great in many Macedonians' minds), Macedonians have created a dress reflecting their independence from Yugoslavia. Due to its geography, we see Greek, Albanian, and Turkish elements alongside their native Slavic heritage. It is among the most encumbering of European…

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Traditional Norwegian wedding and marriage clothing

Bridal costumes (bunad) from Sogn & Fjordane (from Luster Municipality to the left)

Løkendrakt from Aurskog-Høland, Akershus- Norway

Løkendrakt from Aurskog-Høland, Akershus- Norway-traditional bunads from the region some of my ancestors are from.

Complete Woman's Slovak Folk Costume from Tisovnik by ethnicdress

Fewer examples found than other areas ~ Complete Woman's Slovak Folk Costume from Tisovnik by ethnicdress

Sami silver Collar from Senja in Troms, Norway. Photo by Nordiska Museet.

In the sami culture, silver jewellery was an important investment, but it was also believed to be loaded with magic and symbolism. A ‘silver collar’ forms part of the traditional woman’s costume for weddings and celebrations. This sami silver collar.