Just like a red dress, stilettos or peep-toe pumps, a red room can be elegant and sexy. This is a great color for a dining room where you want guests to be comfortable, attentive and ready for a lively conversation…

10 Ravishing Red Rooms

I love the idea of the sari fabric draped on the bed! If you can’t commit to a completely red room, hang fabrics in varying shades of the color as a stylish alternative.

20 Colorful Bedrooms | Bedrooms & Bedroom Decorating Ideas | HGTV

20 Colorful Bedrooms

Fun ideas on how to add color to your Bedrooms! Culture and Color - 20 Colorful Bedrooms on HGTV

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/176480438/bohemian-gypsy-bed-canopy

Bohemian Gypsy bed canopy made from gorgeous vintage saris. Shown hanging over a king size bed. Would also work for a queen size bed or room tent - anywhere your imagination can carry you.

Luxury decor

Dennis Severs house, Spitalfields, London -- A lush bed with historical four-poster tester and decadent linens in bronzes and wines.

Pink dressing room. Kind of BollyWood, don't you think? :)

Colors That Go Well With Orange in a Bedroom

Pink and orange dressing room from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement. Very warm looking.

Morrocan bedroom

Inspiring 66 Mysterious Moroccan Bedroom Designs: 66 Mysterious Moroccan Bedroom Designs With White Purple Bedroom Wall Bed Pillow Blanket Nightstand Lamp Window Chair Table Chandelier Curtain And Ceramic Floor – Momtoob

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor http://www.commonfloor.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/saffron-cinnamon-antiques-in-bedroom.jpg

Hand Crafted Custom Made Cushions With Feather Inserts And Coordinating Bedding Throws And Bedding by Jane Hall.

Moroccan. Fabric hanging over wall

I Dream of Jeannie bedroom decorating ideas - moroccan furniture - arabian girls teens rooms decorating ideas - create an exotic Moroccan bedroom - Moroccan aabian nights theme - harem style theme decorating - gypsy canopy moroccan decor - romantic bohemi

I have a different angle of this room... would love to paint it!

Brit fashion designer, Liza Bruce, exotic holiday home in Jaipur, Rajasthan's famous 'pink' capital city. Pink India Dream room- love the wall henna and the architectural shape

Hier ein Beispiel für die Möglichkeiten in einem kleinen Raum. Die Sitzkissen links und rechts sind definitiv zu viel und der Couchtisch sollte lieber schlicht aus Holz oder Metall sein aber sonst süß!:

Guest room- Create a nook like this by suspending curtain rods from the ceiling. Put a daybed to be the bed in a small bedroom. Closing curtains allows you privacy to maximize all space for lounge and storage- its ok to have chairs right up to the bed!

Christmas lights and sheer sheets make awesome bed canopy!!

Such a beautiful contrast on light between the fairy lights and the positioning of the bed by the window. Hope this gives you an idea for your room x love the canopies ;