Giant Sea Snake by Kekai Kotaki

Kekai Kotaki - Quintessence by David Walton; Tor, March Best Of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art: The Chesley Award Finalists!

Contemplador... es un ser monstruoso y malvado de excepcional inteligencia, muy agresivo y avaricioso.

Beholder by Todd Lockwood (For Dungeon Magazine. There is no monster more identified with D&D--apart from dragons, of course-than the Beholder. Every player will have horror stories about their every encounter with one)


worldofmythology: Jörmungandr & Thor in Fishing Boat Depicting the begining of the legendary battle between the Norse god of thunder and the Midgard Serpent. Happy Thor’s Day


Book of Enoch (Documentary) - God, Angels, Devils & Man

fantasy-art-engine: Elementum by Kentaro Kanamoto

fantasy-art-engine: Elementum by Kentaro Kanamoto(Beauty Landscapes Fantasy)