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24 Funny Pie Charts That Are Actually Truthful - Seriously, For Real?

Stuff I like....

I hate this not all rap songs have booty and clubs in them actually the famous EMINEM sang about how screwd up his life was and all the mistakes he made and not all punk rock has barfing noises<<< it's a joke chill

guilty as charged.

i bet you read this wrong. you that read wrong. that awkward when you read that wrong too. And said "mom ent" after awkward.

What It’s Really Like To Be A Teacher 28 Pics

I guess they just had to let it go because they couldn't hold it back anymore. Maybe when the class broke out in song, the teacher turned her back and slammed the door. She just let the kids rage on. This song never bothered her anyway.

Let the claustrophobia and ice-picking begin...

Mother of GOD.

Funny pictures about It started snowing. Oh, and cool pics about It started snowing. Also, It started snowing.


The shortest history of the world… these are brilliant. Apologies to my foreign friends. Funny England us America Australia north Korea countries Canada