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Aelric - human fighter/rogue.  Having grown up on a ship he has since turned to a life of adventure and fortune.

m Rogue Thief or Bard Aelric - human fighter/rogue portrait Having grown up on a ship he has since turn to a like of adventure and fortune.

The MALM dressing table - a place to take a few minutes for yourself and get ready for your day.

MALM Dressing table, white

Love quote on mirror! Gorgeous bedroom vanity composed of Ikea Songe Mirror over Ikea Malm Dressing Table paired with Ikea Tobias Chair. Make-up vanity filled with Ikea Salong Vase, Ikea Dimmig Vase and Ikea Skimmer Candlestick.

On continue notre série que je dédie à cet art que j’admire, le hand lettering. Aujourd’hui, je vais vous faire découvrir un nouvel artiste qui nous vient d’Allemagne Tobias Saul, son travail et son style sont superbes. Le compte Instagram de Tobias Saul…

Inspiration hand lettering avec Tobias Saul

- Hand lettering design of the highest quality possible. Every typography lover will agree here.

a picture speaks a thousands words . . .

“What Real Men Cry Like” & “What Real Women Laugh Like” - Maud Fernhout Photoseries aimed to combat stereotypes and gender roles. For the rest of the photos and quotes of the participants click.

Moller Barnekow. The most elegant sandwich wrap. (More design inspiration at www.aldenchong.com)

Moller Barnekow is a take on an elegant sandwich wrap. It aims to catch customers attention by making its packaging stands out with a simplistic modern art look yet retaining a more recognisable form of the sandwich within.

"I wanted to work with transparency as a predominate element in order to create furniture that gets its color and shape from the room it stands in. By combining glass and plastic with reflecting chrome, TOBIAS chair and TORSBY dining table become like an illusion, an abstract experience." Designer: Carl Öjerstam

IKEA - TOBIAS, Chair, clear/chrome plated, , You sit comfortably thanks to the restful flexibility of the seat and back.

The beautiful hand-lettering work of Tobias Saul | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

The beautiful hand-lettering work of Tobias Saul

The beautiful hand-lettering work of Tobias Saul. I love his style, you can instantly see the quality of his gorgeous handwriting. So much inspiration for my lettering book.

Editorial - Tobias Regell - CAMERALINK

Editorial - Tobias Regell - CAMERALINK