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And then later rode in a golf cart while other world leaders walked because he couldn't move his fat ass on his own.

The only guarantee you get from trump is a constant stream of lies and hypocrisy. Worst President ever.

I believe in God and am an ardent follower of Jesus, but I am confident that God wants us to do our part in taking care of the planet. I wish the GOP would stop with the religious rhetoric. They do NOT represent Christianity.

This is the attitude of the people running the country. "If it's a problem, God will stop it. " Just like with slavery.

After replying to the guy's text, she tweeted her conversation and got thousands of shares from people super done with male entitlement.

but just remember that just all people of color or opposite genders aren't bad neither are all whites or males.

(146) Twitter Donald and his alternate facts... complete conman-jackass!

Trump's real name is Drumpf. Show us your daddy's birth certificate Drumpf.


Funny how we know gay people exist and don't know if god exists, but deny gay people their rights on the off chance it might piss god off.

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Importance of the Oxford comma <<< i've been debating the importance of the comma with my parents for a while now, maybe this'll change their minds.

"My life is basically me debating which book to read next."

19 Tumblr Posts Book Lovers Will 100% Get

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Rape Culture - I'll raise my daughter, you raise your son not to be a violent pig. Adding: my son will likewise be taught to rip the testicles off of anyone who hurts a woman, or his sister, so yeah, raise your son.