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DSC_0211 by *lalalaurie, via Flickr The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

This website has the cutest cat photos I have ever seen. apart from the photos we take of our cats lol

"A dog can hear sounds 250 yards away. A Doberman can ignore you from any distance."

Is it Doberman, Dobermann, Doberman Pinscher or Dobermann Pinscher? Well all four are acceptable and used. Doberman is used more often by the general public.well, Dobe and Dobie seem to be the most common. The original name is Dobermann

"A Baby's 1st Pet ~ is His, (or Hers) ~ First Love!"

I love children and cats. My children who are almost adults and my cats are my life and my husband who is my best friend. Love is unconditional and so is this cute picture.

haha thats where that nasty cat should stay!!!! put a lid on that jar!!!

When I picture this cat getting into the jar, I laugh. When I picture the cat try to get out of the jar, I laugh so hard I cry!

I found him crossing the road.  Can I keep him?

He's Just So Delicious!

lovin the Ragdoll, and I admire Helmi Flick the photographer

lovin the Ragdoll, and I admire Helmi Flick the photographer. You will never find a better or smarter cat than a Ragdoll!