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Chahana Bracelet - Just Fashion

Chahana Bracelet - Just Fashion

Rani Stack Ring - Just Fashion

Rani Stack Ring

Handmade Unnr rose gold ring

UNNR Ring Rose Gold

The UNNR ring makes a simple wave around your finger! Classic, clean and feminine. UNNR means wave in Old Norse.

Unnr handmade rose gold earrings

UNNR Earrings Rose Gold

The UNNR earrings makes a simple wave down your earlobe. UNNR means wave in Old Norse.

Janu Ring - Just Fashion

Janu Ring

2 drops wrapped around your finger, texturized on one side, to create a rough meets clean duality.

Orvar handmade rosegold earrings - Just Fashion

ORVAR Earrings Rose Gold

The ORVAR earrings are petite, intricately crafted stud earrings with high gloss finish

balwant bracelet

Balwant Bracelet Golden

Bold cuff carefully handcrafted in brass and inspired by the mountain tops in Nepal.

Ae ring in silver

AE Ring Silver

The AE ring is as simple as it gets. Just a thin classic ring, delicate, minimal, made of a square 1 mm wire.


AE Ring Gold

Ae Ring is a handmade classic wonder - high gloss finish

Chandra Necklace - handcrafted all the way

Chandra Necklace

Chandra Necklace - handcrafted all the way

bhagya bracelet - Just Fashion

Bhagya 3 piece Bracelet

Set of 3 handmade bracelets with a great mix of structure and shapes.

Biswas bracelet - handmade twisted brass - Abareness - on Just Fashion

Biswas Bracelet

Classic, twisted bracelet in brass, copper and white metal.

Chanchal Ring

Chanchal Ring Silver

This classic ring is an A/BARENESS signature. A simple drop is all the ornament it needs, enphasizing their saying: "many drops make a mighty ocean" .

100% Bamboo tank top for both men and women

Bamboo Tank Top

Unisex tank top with ripped edges, chest pocket and extra long fit.

Munira Earrings in silver

Munira Earrings

A pair of small, twisted round earrings for top air-wholes. Handmade and inspired by traditional jewelry from Nepal.