sans human, papyrus human and frisk <<<= jfc it's like Ranma 1/2

sans human, papyrus human and frisk <<< I'm starting to get a real Ranma vibe going here!

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CHOOSE YOUR PAPYRUS! All but underfell his scary :(!<<< I've seen the baby bones Papyrus many times but my mind still can't handle the adorableness

sans, papyrus, frisk

sans, papyrus, mob God I'm like sans right now. frisk is too cute

skelebros, papyrus, sans, undertale

undertale, sans, papyrus, skeleton, suits this apparently needed to happen UT MOB Mobtale

undertale, mafiatale

Mobster Undertale AU where Papyrus can be a stinker (c'mon, Sans nicknamed you WAY before Frisk ever did.