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In fact Martin Luther King Jr was born before Anne Frank. And then we have Nelson Mandela who was born over ten years before the two of them.

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I kind of want to say it's a valid question, but then I read the answer and I have to shrug and say, "point.

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Sometimes, one simple picture can tell you more about history than any story you might read or any document you might analyze. these pictures are awesome.<< history is fucked up

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This had me laughing a LOT.  Prob. because 1) I'd want to try it 2) just imagining it in happening & 3) because it seems like something I'd say/how I'd want to say it

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This had me laughing a LOT. because I'd want to try it just imagining it in happening & because it seems like something I'd say/how I'd want to say it <<< xD

Or change the way you act towards those people..

Excuse the language. Yeah I would definitely read it. Then cry a lot probably. Definitely the second type. srsly, you don't really expext them to say things that matters. often people just say ughh, she's ugly, so what do you wanna change?

Miep Gies, who helped hide Anne Frank and her family, is the one who later found Anne’s diary. She said that she would’ve destroyed it if she’d known what was inside, because it incriminated everyone that helped keep the family safe. If she’d opened it just once, we never would have known Anne’s story.  Source

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10 Things to Know About Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl--I wouldn't open this page up and read it to students, but it would be good to look over prior to the unit each year so I could share a couple points with them.

10 Facts About Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl

If you haven’t read The Diary of a Young Girl in a while (or even if you have), here are 10 things you should know. People are calling the Diary as a hoax. Writers and their advice, Kathleen