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This DIY Shuriken USB Kicks All Kinds of Butt #geeky trendhunter.com

Ninja Star Flash Drives

Shuriken USB - This kickass DIY project for a Shuriken USB is an awesome way to upcycle some old foam-cored poster board. The throwing star USB is a great way to .

Transformers USB Flash Drives

Transformers USB Flash Drives

Image Detail for - USB Transformer Decepticon & Autobot Figurine « The Super Fresh .

Coolest USBs ever. AVENGERS!!

The Avengers Flash Drives - Thor's Hammer, Captain America's Shield, Iron Man's Helmet, and Hulk's Fist

Cupcake USB Flash Drive Key Chain! <3 [cute AND functional= win-win!]

30 Memorias USB que todo estudiante que se respete debería tener

Dark Ninja Throwing Star Set For Sale | All Ninja Gear: Largest Selection of Ninja Weapons | Throwing Stars | Nunchucks

Throwing Stars are the most famous weapons use by the Ninja clan. You can have those same powers in the palm of your hands when wielding this Azan Dark Ninja Throwing Star Set.


Diseños con funcionalidades

USB Cork by hum USB memory stick housed in a cork and protected by a bottle

pretty much....James T. Kirk has NOTHING on Capt. Han Solo, Producer Gary Kurtz and Director George Lucas.  "Watch your mouth, Kid, or you'll find yourself floatin' home."

Every single time I have to drive in a snow storm I think of going into light speed, Star Wars Humor

Polaris Ninja Throwing Star For Sale | AllNinjaGear.com - Largest Selection of Ninja Stars, Throwing Stars, and Shuriken

Shurikens, ninja stars, and throwing stars for sale at All Ninja Gear. Great prices on throwing stars and ninja star sets including Batarangs and Naruto. Razor sharp and real, these ninja stars will stick where they're thrown.

Spock and Roll USB Flash Drive, #ModCloth

Monday Through Sci Fi-Day Men's Sock Set

Spock and Roll USB Flash Drive - Commanding your enterprise from any quadrant of the galaxy is beam-me-up easy, when youve got all of the vital information saved on this USB warp drive! Whhhaaaaaaat the fudgepop!

Dane-Elec TRON Black Light Cycle 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash DriveTR-Z04GLBTB-C

Tron Black Light Cycle USB Flash Drive is a perfect Christmas gift for trendy teen guys.