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Tell me bout the smallest things which seem to be insignificant. Tell me bout ur stupid obsessions and crazy thoughts.

This is poignant, and truly beautiful.

There are maps through your bones and skin, to the way you've felt and the way you've been - Their tears were their love series poem by Christopher Poindexter.

aldous snow's inspiration?

Bold enough to let it hurt me, let you love me, let universes inside of universes inside of me. I grow softer as I grow older as I grow bolder. This does not make me weak.

I can't be set free, I can't let go. I cry when no one can see me. I did this, and I deserve to suffer endlessly for the rest of my days.

I still love you, but fuck you.

That is your own fault. So fuck you for treating me like shit and for lying to me every time you opened your mouth.