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True that. Thank god for my daily walks with my dog to the park. I miss being able to go to concerts freely and go out for margaritas and dinner or staying overnight places.

I will survive! Some way, some how, I will survive! Through a constant battle to just cut out all the organs that are in pain, I will get through this

: Fight like a Girl Club. After a long and productive week, I am humbled to my knees; I haven't escaped my disease(s), in fact today they won. So tonight, I will rest.

Nothing more truer...

Not Antisocial. Just exhausted from fighting a chronic disease. Okay I'm a bit antisocial.

Uh yeah...

Chronic illness, chronic pain, invisible illness - Saying that you're okay is so much easier rather than explaining all the reasons why you're not!

OMGosh! This is MY LIFE!  I just about freaked!

This is so true! For those with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic pain, or just exhaustion, proper food and lifestyle choices can help. I speak from experience.

Sigh. Yes.  Don't bother judging me, I really don't care.

- 15 Things not to say to someone with a chronic illness or invisible illness. [Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)