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Cruel but down right funny

My friend thinks he´s smart. He said onions are the only food that make you cry. So I threw a coconut at his face.

Seriously? (I would definitely trip over this!)

Ahahahahaha I legit thought there were stairs there! I thought that it was talking about a rug going down the stairs!

Ate salad for dinner! Mostly croutons & tomatoes. Really just one big, round crouton covered with tomato sauce, and cheese. Fine, it was pizza. I ate pizza.

Yep. My week always drags on until Friday hits. Then BAM! It's Monday again

30 of the Funniest (Non-LDS related) Memes From the Past Week


beware of the dog, the cat is shady as fuck also, sign, funny, lol

Stop counting smart one.... fish can't drown lol

A saltwater fish in fresh water will drown. A fresh water fish in saltwater will drown.

barber memes | Loading Afro

Funny pictures about Loading Afro. Oh, and cool pics about Loading Afro. Also, Loading Afro.

Million dollars

I told my friend "before I die I want my last words to be 'I left a million dollars under the." I said "One minute, I have to die first." He said "oh, okay. How long will that take?" I replied "not really sure.

Thinking of Red Bull Dave

Funny pictures about Making coffee with Red Bull. Oh, and cool pics about Making coffee with Red Bull. Also, Making coffee with Red Bull.

this should not make me laugh this hard but it's so common these days to hear people on the phone in a public restroom.

There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, I hate more than people on cell phones in public bathrooms. If you work in retail it happens ALL the time bc employees take "bathroom breaks" so they can make phone calls.