Blue & White Corner in Mykonos

Beauty in Greece is exquisite; It was in this sacred landscape that love was born. Greece is the birthplace of the winged God Eros, the son of Aphrodite; the God that with his.

Colorful Cycladic style corner with the beautiful white church at the background !

A Diary of Lovely: Snapshots from Sifnos - Part I

Sifnos, Greece (but also within the frame of values shared by all the Mediterranean peoples - Croatian being one of them)

Naxos , Greece ~ in the market area.  Had to travel here daily from across the other side of the island to shop for groceries

Today we want to show you stunning watercolor paintings of Greece created by artist Pantelis Zografos. For 30 years Pantelis Zografos doesn't live in Greece, but love to