Songbird Cardinal Aquilegia, a red columbine may deter gophers.

Aquilegia x ‘Cardinal’ - Cardinal Aquilegia Hybrid Columbine. This plant is a hybrid (hence the 'X'), but it has some native heritage.

Iris 'Fiery Temper'

Iris 'Fiery Temper'


Colorado Columbine - by Lynn Bauer - Blue Columbine: The columbine (from the Latin word for dove, columba), is a circlet of petals thought to resemble doves. The blue columbine is a symbol of fidelity, and often appears in paintings of Mary.

Growing hibiscus is a very easy way to include an exotic flair to your garden. When you recognize the best ways to look after hibiscus plants, you will certainly be rewarded with many years of wonderful blossoms. Let’s check out some ideas on how you can take care of hibiscus.

How To Care For Hibiscus Plants

Moorea Pacific Swirl ♥

") From Chrome research: 'Amapola is Spanish for "poppy", meaning the genus Papaver. Amapola may also refer to: Maria Amapola Cabase (born Filipino.

~~Chocolate Soldier Columbine | Aquilegia viridiflora is a perennial hardy to zone 4-9. A wonderful addition to this very unusual color is the sweet scent.  A rare, hard to find plant, Chocolate Soldier will grow to 24 inches and needs semi-shade. These blooms have a lovely nodding habit. Great for chocolate gardens | Rare & Exotic Seeds~~

20 Seeds w/Instructions Aquilegia viridiflora is a perennial hardy to zone A very prolific bloomer, it displays 2 inch flowers with green sepa