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Why and How to Inve the Power of Thank You My mother was known for having impeccable manners. At her memorial service, it seemed as if every other person who shared a memory talked about her manners. They did so not in a nitpicking way, but in a loving…

Food Blog Website Design Ideas

The 7 Important Things a New Food Blog Must Have

Food Blog Website Design Ideas

This article shows u different hand shakes from around the world , love this ! Thought it was really neat ! -Sierra Molina

Here's how to properly shake hands in 14 different countries

Is your social media strategy taking too much of your time? A program like BoardBooster might be a good solution for you. Read on for an honest review with helpful hints and real-life results.

Is BoardBooster Worth It?


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5 Design Tools to Create Pinnable Images :: If there is one thing this writer enjoys more than researching blog articles and finding good Pinterest tips for all you loyal blog readers out there, it’s designing the accompanying images for our blog posts. Creating pinnable images to go with entries, regardless if it is for your blog or social media posts, is vital for optimizing your pinning opportunities.

5 Design Tools to Create Pinnable Images

Add A Pin(1) How Do I Pin On Pinterest?

How to Pin On Pinterest

Need More YouTube Views? Try Pinterest

Need More YouTube Views? Try Pinterest

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{10 Tips for Playing on Pinterest} As a veteran do you have an advice beyond these ten things for Pinterest newbies coming in?

10 Tips for Playing on Pinterest

} Holy cats, you ladies rock my world. I finally, just now, had a chance to reply to everyone's awesome comments & suggestions.

polite gestures

Manners have fallen by the wayside. Children rarely remember to say please and thank you anymore and adults aren't any better at making polite

Secret Boards on Pinterest

How to Activate and Use Secret Boards on Pinterest a Pinterest Friday Quick Tip

I LOVE Secret Boards! I pin things to my secret board and organize/comment on them later. Unfortunately, my once organized pinboard is now a cluttered mess!