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Lance | Pidge XD

I know I pinned this aleady but its too beautiful to let it pass xD Lance

I loved that scene lmao

I loved season 3 but it was light on one-to-one moments which was a shame. Hopefully season 4 will have more scenes like Lance and Allura in Blue's hangar, or Keith and "Shiro" post-"rescue"

Me waiting fir Klance to be canon

Me waiting fir Klance to be canon

Isn't this what we all saw? | Voltron season 3 spoilers

I hate when people post slightly photoshopped screenshots and call them edits :/

I fucking snorted so hard

Ya like why did the black lion Leave Shiro after everything they hv been through

This is long and drawn out, but has a few good points

I actually thought this might be true before seeing this because of the Red Arrow clone arc in Young Justice, but it makes even more sense now

I love this

I love this

Image result for voltron shiro no fear/ one fear

I hate it when people headcanon him as straight. There's no friggin way