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Super hero family time -- this... This... I love this... This is precious and I may now be emotionally unstable LOL

Super hero family time

Super hero family time -- this. I love this. This is precious and I may now be emotionally unstable.but spider-man broke my heart

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Superman by Alex Ross. His style of using real people as models, really works…

The Mad God  Created by John Gallagher

thecyberwolf: “ The Mad God Created by John Gallagher (Uncanny Knack) / Find this artist on Website & DeviantArt

O Último Ato de Superman e a Sociedade da Justiça da América em O Reino do Amanhã.

Kingdom Come Superman - Final fate of Alex Ross' Superman from Justice Society of America

SILVER SURFER                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Les super héros en version peinture à l'eau (aquarelle)

You have to love these beautiful superhero watercolor prints by artist Blule. They seem to be done in both ease, and excellent form. For a medium as simple as watercolor, these prints are pretty hardcore. Advertisement Via Blule, NerdApproved

Chris Uminga, wolverine

Uniquely Styled Comic Book Heroes by Chris Uminga Christopher Uminga is a painter/illustrator from New Haven, CT who puts a unique twist on various comic book heroes we all know and love. Below is some of his awesome artwork.

Green Goblin by Alex Ross.

Here the artists; Alex Ross, chose a more realistic approach to the DC universe iconic villian; the Green Goblin. Alex was able to show the true evil in his eyes and makes the audience feel it.