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Hold my hand<<< I'll hold your hand baby *sobs*

Why Dean sleeps with his arm outstretched to Sam >> and they use sad robin, so basically this is just the most heartbreaking post ever.

Aww Sam and Dean. I miss this. Like seriously I'm making tears

BUT as children they probably had to sleep in the same bed cause.most motels only have two beds.and I can see John Winchester being a bed hog :P

[GIFSET] All Hell Breaks Loose Part II. "Please don't tell him." And Bobby's face. Gah, I can't handle it. D':

[GIFSET] All Hell Breaks Loose Part II." And Bobby's face. D': That other sad thing that Dean can't feel Bobby's love in this scene either

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"Dean Winchester's behind you." Just a reminder to monsters, Dean Winchester is what you warn your children about, the hunter under the bed.

This can't be good...

I wear your dead dad's clothes. I looked incredible. I wear your dead dad's clothes, from that small grave 6 feet down.

Supernatural. DCCon2014 GIFset --- WOW! In case the guys ever think they don't make a difference... here's proof that they do!

GIFset - This is why I always argue whenever anyone tells me this is "just a show". This group of people has affected so many lives, some minutely, some completely. It deserves to be recognized.

Dean is Super Chicken, Sam is Fred - hope for Monday sure, but he knew the job was dangerous when he took it.

Sam still thinks he's gonna get back on Monday [GIFSET] Pilot// it hurts me how young and innocent they are.

Hush Little Sammy

supernatural lullaby not tears i promise just fandom in my eye

Well I mean... he is him soooo...

Did anyone else find it disturbing that the supposed “bad angel” Lucifer was the only one who cared about consent and the feelings of his vessel while Michael and his henchangels used every dirty trick in the book on Dean? - Luci is just misunderstood :)

To be fair.there is a difference between apple pie and just a plain apple.<-- but he could say he only eats apples in pie. Because he does eat apples, just with added ingredients and its yummier but not super healthy

I really can't stand it when people ship two men in a series that are not gay men. I had to make an exception for this because the scoters actually ship it but yeah. Destiel is my ship forever.