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listing to their song - you don't understand how often i listen to the buono tomato song tho

APH » Spamano {zerochan.net}

Day I ship Spain and Romano ! ^_^ ((here's how I picture this pic playing out :: Spain: Huh? What is it Romano? Romano: *pushes flower into spain's hand and runs* Spain: thanks Roma!~ ^-^ Romano: >///////< shut up!

...no words can describe how I feel right now...

no words can describe how I feel right now.<<< who dat who dat I-G-G-Y << Oh God why xDD

Uh Oh by shygurl914.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt - Alfred and Matthew

I am Canada in this bc every time we get the option to play hockey I'm P.E I drag my friends and make them play hockey. *serious af voice * hockey, we're playing hockey