– Baka Naruto!! *tak* – Not this time. ***** Sakura as usual wanted to hit him, but Naruto was faster. Final episode of Naruto Shippuuden! Hope you will like it. ) ----- Just to note: i...

Thank you for sharing tears with me. Thank you for shedding blood for me. ----- A kinda speedy fanart for NaruSaku Sakura is kissing Naruto's WOUND on his neck btw.

Minato, Kushina, Naruto and Sakura

Naruto and Sakura Couple, encouraged by Minato and Kushina ♥♥♥

Rin's just so used to this shizz by now, she ain't even look up from her phone

Narusaku hug by Rebi-sama on DeviantArt

Narusaku hug by Rebi-sama on DeviantArt