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Your face . . . it needs my kisses.

Your face it needs my kisses

Baby Mermaid Costume - Crochet Photo Props! Buy it or make it!

The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac - mine's Pisces, what's yours? Pisces Cats are very spiritual and intuitive. If you are a Pisces Cat, you are sensitive and prone to extremes of emotion - purry one minute and scratchy the next.

cute and funny! I literally took an hour trying to repin this. I could not go on living until this belonged on my board.

Aww this poor squirrel! So cute! The chipmunk probably stuffed another peanut in its other cheek. There are worse things than a free lunch.

tame fox  MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE  awesome places and weird facts ONLY

Found my future pet, HAHAHAHA suckers<<< PERFECT now I just have to convince my mom. Me: Can I have a fox Mom: no Me: Why not they're adorable and these ones are tame Mom: because I said so Basically how that conversations going to go

Shopping. . .

Cute bunny with shopping cart full of baby carrots! Do do do just doing my thing

Growing up with brothers...

I'm that hamster...

Funny pictures about Swallow it! Oh, and cool pics about Swallow it! Also, Swallow it!

"For anyone interested in seeing a startled rabbit in a sink, here's a startled rabbit in a sink."

For anyone interested in seeing a startled bunny in a sink, here's a startled bunny in a sink. (Someone doesn't like bath time!

This precious animal is a Viscacha, similar to a rabbit but larger with a long tail - "Yawn" - ©Bob Wickham (via RedBubble)

17 Animals Who Are Sleepier Than You

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волшебные кадры с контровым светом: 6 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Offers welcome Cleaning out closet, open to fair offers, please no low balling, I do discount bundles although extra shipping my be needed Other

Baby Polar Bear by manuela

Baby Polar Bear by manuela