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Michael Carr, offers business women an alternative to a traditional business headshot. We offer clothing consults for women's casual portraits.

Headshot: Clean lighting with blurred background. POSE: No hands or arms with a slight lean.

Casual smile Lighting - back light ambient background (? indoors, but using ambient light, flash or strobe? DOF - shallow, environmental bkgrnd Warm look, smile

Laura Harris short hair

The soft notes of her office phone interrupted Madeleine Schier’s thoughts. She lifted it, her attention still on the storyboards for the ad campaign. “Madel—” “Maddie, come home right now. I’m in trouble.” (Actress Laura Harris, my vision of Madeleine)





laneya grace | Laneya Grace, modelo estadounidense de 11 años - Taringa!

Shae Underwood, a first year hufflepuff. The quiet girl is very neat and organized, and enjoys the simple things. she is muggle born and enjoys sketching. she has an interest in magical creatures and transfiguration.