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Wallpaper and background photos of Robert Pattinson's VF Photoshoot! for fans of Robert Pattinson images.

Robelied edit-holy.freakin. crow O.O

My Favorite Robert Pattinson pic

unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Rob : Photo

“Peter Lindbergh truly took some amazing pics of Rob for Dior.

When he keeps his mouth open.......he looks amazing

yoo bitch what do you think

just a sweetie, makes you want to hug him

Robert pattinson love his expressions!

Tu as beau être de glace, je te fais bouillir !

The twilight trio

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One of my all-time favorite scenes!

... am old enough to lust for this ... boy/man? (that's a rhetorical question)

Photos: November 2009: Bruce Weber's portaits of Robert Pattinson: Part Four

verysherry: “ The Robert Pattinson Portraits Part Four by Bruce Weber December 2009 Vanity Fair Outtakes ”

Can I be Team Jacob while still swooning over Rob?

Rob Pattinson - Edward Cullen in Twilight

Looks happy here.  Hope he's able to smile these days.

Hope he's able to smile these days.

See, in Twilight he makes my skin crawl, all whimpy and pale and boring. However, when I see him in interviews, there's something interesting and intriguing. And when I see photos like this, with those eyes, I wonder what he'd really be like between the sheets...! Photo by Bruce Weber

Here's an overview of about pictures of Robert Pattinson for Vanity Fair 2009 See the rest after the jump!

Robert Pattinson

Rob Pattinson in Vanity Fair 2009

3) New/Old outtake of Rob smolderin' in a portrait session for Cannes 2012

New outtake from Cannes Portrait session 2012

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson