with a bunch of others people also letting them go and fill the sky

We got a floating lantern for our wedding a year and a half ago but haven't had…time ever since i watched the movie tangled i've been obsessed with doing this, I think it looks amazing

With best friend

Best Friend Bucket List- play laser tag together. However in England it is called Laser Quest.

Bucket list #118

I made this amazing scrapbook my freshman year of high school. But I put it in the time capsule to be opened at our year reunion.

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I've been to Disneyland and it was amazing, but we were rushed. I'd love to take a week long vacation to Disney world!

Visit The Walk Of Fame

Visit the walk of fame - before I die, bucket list

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Let's just say France is on my list of places so all the usual suspects are on that list of things to see.

My European Bucket List

The louvre the art museum in Paris France always ever since I was little wanted to go there !