Friesche Klederdrachten #Friesland

Learning to knit on mother's lap. Note the fine knitted lace bonnets.


Ellos también tejen

Employees at the General Electric Company knits socks and scarves for WWI soldiers. 1918 USA Image courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Here's a Greek woman knitting with the yarn around her neck and a safety pin on her shirt for tension.

makinology:  manly knitting pic du jour …

Master knitters dressed in festival costume wear their naturally dyed, alpaca chullos perched on their heads. The earflaps, some with buttons and beaded cords attached, act as a kind of counterbalance to keep them on.

knitting tattoo Its ME when I get older

A member of a knitting group in a New Zealand retirement home proudly displays her tattoo, which she got on her birthday on a dare. // the tattoo says, "Knitwit" (!

An elderly women sits and knits on her 104th birthday

Knitting keeps you young! "'This elderly women sits and knits on her birthday - That means she was born in the year Napoleon was defeated and sent to St. It also means she was alive when Queen Victoria ascended the throne, and when she died.