This company can make secret passageways/doors to a secret room or something inside your house!

Bookcase Doors, Revolving Fireplaces, Pool Cue Doors, Hidden Walls and many more secret passageways have been created for clients throughout the years!

The secret room ~ i LOVE secret rooms or hiding spots. definitely going to have one in my house someday :D

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Foldable bookcase hides secret room

Sliding bookshelves instead of closet doors, space saver in a small room :) @ DIY Home Design

The World's Finest Secret Doors and Hidden Passageways

The famous builder of secret passageways around the globe, including: bookcase doors, secret vault doors, and secret entrances of all types.

Bookshelf with secret compartments by TopSecretFurniture on Etsy

The “Bookshelf System' is an innovative way to store; jewelry, firearms, cash, documents, or any valuables in what appears to be an ordinary bookshelf.

Hidden door behind a mirror...great way to add some mystery to your home!

Explore Safe rooms and Discover Safe Room accessories like Hidden Doors and Secret Passages. The Safe Room Guide is coming soon!

secret floor door... safe room... extra storage... access to under the house.

$14 Secret Crawlspace Access Door

This is a hidden crawlspace access door that I built into my bedroom closet floor. It allows my crawlspace to now serve as a storm shelter, a safe room(a place for.

The Flush Mount Hidden door is perfect creative solution for your house.  #hiddendoor

Murphy door to the utilities in basment : The Flush Mount Hidden door is perfect creative solution for your house.

This picture frame has storage behind it.

Picture Frame with Hidden Compartment Secret Gun Compartment Behind Picture Frame Want to keep your handgun close, but don't want it out in the open?