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Smooth coat? ?? We think Oscar has a smooth coat I understand that by 6 weeks you can tell...he's 8 weeks and it's smooth so hopefully it will stay that way - I like a smooth and neat coat

I have seen this labeled as both a Rat Terrier Pup and a Jack Russell Pup -- I'm thinking it is more likely a JRT puppy.

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6 Adorable Corgi Mixed Breeds That Are Almost Too Cute To Be Real Beagle/Corgi

The Nose Knows

When you live with a beagle, you get used to having a nose up in your business ALL the time. I can't tell you how many times a day I get poked with a nose or sniffed with a nose.

Beagle + Labrador = Beagador!

Beagle + Labrador = Beagador!

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