Great step by step instructions. She found pallets for free at their Re-Store. Also used Re-Store kitchen cabinets for access doors and windows.Cool ideas.

For about a year Jason and I have been talking about getting chickens. With a house full of growing boys, we needed to find some easy ways .

Chain link dog kennel converted to a chicken coop.

I just found this pic where we put some chicken wire around the dog kennel door so that the baby ducks could not slip out and so that nothing could get in .

Dream chicken coop

Christi utilized the same style-for-a-steal strategies in the backyard chicken coop. A farmhouse sconce outside plus a thrift-store armchair and antique oil painting inside take it from hardworking to good-looking.

Chicken coop

Chicken run diy, Chicken run pallet, Cheap chicken run ideas Love this idea I want to do this prefect for a rustic chicken run

Rew Elliott: Chickie, Chickie: Find out how to keep your chickens safe, and avoid smelly coops, in the stifling summer heat.

Extreme Hen House Chicken Coop

Precision Pet Products Extreme Hen House Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Ramp and Roosting Bar