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Maron & Winnowill by Jozef Szekeres [©2007-2015 jozef-szekeres]
Elflings: Suntop & Ember, children of Cutter & Leetah. Dart, son of Strongbow & Moonshade. Wing & Newstar, children of Woodlock & Rainsong
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Young Voll and Winnowill by Gill [©2009]
Crescent - Wolfrider. Daughter of Strongbow and Moonshade. Sister of Dart and Freetouch. Much like her parents she was a skilled archer, but one night she was out fishing when she was ambushed by humans and murdered. When her parents made it to the Palace of the High Ones she reappeared in spirit allowing them to recognize again and conceive her sister Chitter/Freetouch.
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Skywise from #Elfquest.
Winnowill & Tyldak.elfquest
WaRP Graphics Elfquest No. 13 Back Cover art by Wendi Pini. Pictured Pike of the Wolfriders.
Teir --> Elf Quest
ElfQuest - Siege at the Blue Mountain - Enter the Web of Winnowill
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