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German Fairy Tales.. from the 1700's

Fairytale Style and Inspiration. antique gilded book cover with a fairy and floral design

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Poems. London: F. S. Ellis, 1870 Binding: Cobden-Sanderson

Cobden-Sanderson Binding On: Dante Gabriel Rossetti. London: F. Ellis, 1870 Deep blue goatskin, richly gilt to a floral mandorla pattern, with gilt and goffered edges, and with endleaves of Morris silk brocade; signed and dated

The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, 1901

indigodreams: Henry Justice Ford ~ Book Cover ~ The Violet Fairy Book ~ 1901 ~ via The Pictorial Arts

a river's garden studio

"Straw bindings are rare and one in this remarkable state of preservation is of the utmost rarity. -- 1778 Straw Binding - Nouvelles Étrennes Spirituelles, woodcut frontispiece and vignettes

Histoire de l'Academie Royale | France, 18 Century | The British Library

The book cover I used is from a A 1717 copy of - Historie de l'academie Royale. French King, Louis XIV who reigned till 1715 was known as the "Sun King"

Burma, painted and described by Robert Talbot Kelly, London: Adam and Charles Black, 1912.

Burma Kelly, Robert Talbot Burma Painted & Described London: Adam and Charles Black, 1912 Nicholas M. Williams Ethnological Collection John J. Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections, Boston College

beautiful peacock design art nouveau book cover

michaelmoonsbookshop: “ michaelmoonsbookshop: “ Attractive late century gilt design on blue cloth - The beautiful art nouveau Peacock design is by AA Turbayne ” [Sold] ”

#harrypotter #hpbooks #J.Krowling If the book covers were actually like that tho...

#harrypotter #hpbooks #J.Krowling If the book covers were actually like that tho...