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Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz  Susan Sontag lolling about at home, 1993

25 Fascinating Photos of Famous Writers at Home

There’s a preview screening of the new HBO documentary Regarding Susan Sontag at MoMA today, before it airs on television on December 8. Sontag’s prose style captivated readers and her assertive cr...

35 Susan Sontag Quotes on Art, Writing, and Life

Matisse: Animal Lover

Matisse: Animal Lover

Daily dog art news. New artists, established artists and trends in the modern dog art world. Great resource for pet portraits and dog lover gifts.

Richard Brody posts 'Susan Sontag on Movies: For Interpretation' http://nyr.kr/KdTi0I

Susan Sontag on Movies: For Interpretation

susan sontag essay on photography Susan sontag 1977 essay on photogra

Annie Leibovitz Self-Portrait

American star photographer Annie Leibovitz, b. Photo: John Keatley - ‘One of the things that I found out during my research is that Annie looks through her camera with her left eye.

Susan Sontag at her apartment on The Upper West Side, New York, 1968 © Daniel Kramer

Susan Sontag at her apartment on The Upper West Side, New York, 1968 © Daniel Kramer

Susan Sontag, grasped by Diane Arbus, altruists by extension activists, on their own way.

last-picture-show: ““ “Attention is vitality. It connects you with others.” Susan Sontag Photo: Diane Arbus, Susan Sontag on a Bed, New York, 1965 ” ”

mujer de cabello corto y frase feminista

25 Frases de feministas famosas que toda chica debe conocer

Was Susan Sontag the Last Public Intellectual? Nancy Kates on Making ‘Regarding Susan Sontag’

adelembe: “ “ Adele photographed by Annie Leibovitz for VOGUE. ” holy sweet mother of jesus my soul just left my body SHE’S FIRE ”

Adele by Annie Leibovitz (no date) used fujifilm camera nna-Lou "Annie" Leibovitz is an American portrait photographer. She photographed John Lennon on the day he was assassinated, and her work was used on two record albums by Joan Armatrading

Patti Smith for Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester archive

Annie Leibovitz and Jann S. Wenner

Annie Leibovitz and Jann S. Wenner in the Rolling Stone offices at 625 Third Street in San Francisco. photo by Annie Leibovitz.

Henri Matisse and his happy cat, Miouche http://www.terriwindling.com/blog/cats-cat-lore/

Famous artist Henri Matisse relaxing outdoors, cuddling his beloved cat. Artists seem to have a tendency to be real "animal people".