Black Heart Lollipop = LOVE

Maybe Valentine's Day isn't your thing. Maybe you just had your heart broken and it's black and night. You'll receive six individually wrapped pieces.

let her g r o w

How delightfully ironic that the rose is gonna die drowning in vodka,reminds me of me.

Rosamaria G Frangini | Black Desire |

Black point pen tip. If you don't think a writing utensil can be sexy, I present to you the flawless black LAMY Safari fountain pen nib. In the words of my students: If Batman wrote his autobiography by hand, this is the pen he would use.

Jules & Jenn - mode responsable en toute transparence // Balloons •

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: It's Black & White - Black balloons are so light - the dichotomy of darkness and light - two opposing ideals - contrast of black and white.

Ik heb deze gekozen,  omdat bij deze foto de lippen opvallen en je daar gelijk naar kijkt en het vooral mooi is in het zwart wit

Love this pose, kind of mysterious like. Love the defined lip and the under-chin shadow, the way the hat shadows the face is cool. I also have a hat.

ál!sá : Photo

This magical hoodie is treasure hunted and curated by our Style Factory Stylist for dedicated accessory junkies and pastel witches of