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Clydesdale Horse

Sundance Kid, buckskin skewbald Gypsy, my first I thought of an Indian Pony.

Wow....that mane is gorgeous :)

Wow....that mane is gorgeous :)

Clydesdale Horse | Clydesdale horses of beauty

Voici 24 chevaux très grands et majestueux, vous allez littéralement tomber en amour avec ces bêtes!

The Flying Feather Gypsy Horse Club is a Colorado based equine club with the goal of simply enjoying the Gypsy Horses (aka Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Tinker Horse) with fellow enthusiasts and to educate others on this wonderful breed.

Clydesdale, the only horse I would ever want. Just like Philippe in Beauty & the Beast!!!

Clydesdale, a big beautiful and gentle breed. They know that they are bigger then you and can hurt you and that's why they are such gentle giants horse photography

What happens when you cross a zebra with Clydesdale horse? A Scottish zorse, of course!!

i think i just found my dream horse a Zorse foal. Clydesdale Zebra x .


Black and White horse - Beautiful photo of white and black horse running on the snow.

Clydesdale horses under harness.

Clydesdale horses under harness. ( original post said Shire however they are in scottish harness )

Draft horse - Clydesdale Horse                                                                                                                                                                                 More

She's currently pregnant with a foal that's close to drop! UPDATE: Shelby died giving birth to Chester. Chester is now staying with Diamond and thinks that's his mother

Clysdale I think

and amazing photos beautiful clydesdale black and white spotted horse God sure made some amazing creatures!

From their use as warhorses in the 17th century to their work in advertising today, the Clydesdale horse breed has undergone powerful changes. In Clydesdale, Scotland, now known as Lanarkshire, the animal was named for the town where it was used as a draft horse on area farms. Believed to have a history of over 300 years, the strong yet amiable animal was used in farming as well as pulling heavy loads in rural settings, as well as is urban and industrial areas.

A Clydesdale all gussied up. They're famous as they are the draft horse that was picked to pull the Budweiser wagons. These horses are immense!


One day I will own my own palomino horse and Australian Shepherd dog. A city girl can always dream.

Taskin - Here is the rare champagne buckskin Gypsy Vanner, Taskin. This Gypsy stallion competes and wins, with several championships to his name, in Pleasure Driving and under saddle events. Taskin's beauty is so undeniable, he's been recreated as Breyer horse.

Taskin - Here is the rare champagne buckskin Gypsy Vanner, Taskin. This Gypsy stallion competes and wins with several championships to his name in Pleasure Driving and Under Saddle events.