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Wonderkamers 2.0 - KOSSMANN.DEJONG

dejong has developed the concept and design for the entirely refurbished Wonderkamers (Wonder Rooms) in the Municipal Museum The Hague, just like they did for the original display in The Wonderkamers, especially focused on teenagers

The Corpus Museum offers its guests an excursion through the human body during which they can see, feel, and hear how the body works. The building, designed by architect Wolbrand van der Vis of PBV Architecten, even has a 5D-heart theater where you, the audience, are a red blood cell. The journey begins at the knee and continues through the uterus (I guess it’s a woman then), the stomach, intestines, the mouth, and finally ending in the brain.

The Corpus Museum offers its guests an excursion through the human body during…

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BMW Interactive Installation with falling ABCs to toss, block and kick in collaboration with others. (Via blow factory)

36 Illuminated Installation Captures - From Prettily Hazy Fashions to Immersively Luminous Galleries (TOPLIST)

36 Illuminated Installation Captures

Luminous Power-Harnessing Tiles - The Sustainable Dance Floor Feeds Off of Kinetic Energy to Glow (GALLERY)

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'Shuttle' Installation at 4D Virtual Reality Park #photography

Virtual 4D Park

the world's first immersive virtual reality theme park features a movie where viewers' movements determine the ending, interactive music-making, a supersized moon installation, and virtual reality games.

The goal of this exhibition is to explain the city of istambul without cliches. In the front wall there is an image of Istambul, and on the floor there are some “buttons” related to different areas. By stepping on these buttons, the visitor affects the city in front of him in different ways.

An interactive installation we designed for the Istanbul Design Biennial. The installation is a critical research of contemporary Istanbul, based on the current urban dynamics of the city.

2013 US Open Fan Experience – Red Paper Heart

The Art & Sound of Tennis and Swing Analysis, a experience that invited tennis fans to participate in the creation of abstract generative art.

Floating beach volleyball! oh heck ya! ;)  This would be great at the sand bar!

Floating beach volleyball court, perfect for a day on the lake

40 Wonderful Interactive Art Ideas

40 Wonderful Interactive Art Ideas

Royal Ceramica pavilion at Cersaie 15 by Paolo Cesaretti, Bologna – Italy » Retail Design Blog

Collaboration with Paolo Cesaretti Architectural Firm.A project combining sleek decoration with a bit of mistery in a place devoted to business transactions. From the entrance, a combination of overlaying patterns leads the visitor to a main lobby space…

When people stands in front of the screen, 'scan your body' appears and they will be 'scanned' onto the display screen. People are able to learn about the microorganisms of human body in a playful way.