AH-1 Super Cobra HMLA-269 Gunrunners

Super Cobra Gunrunners Funny, how something so frail looking can be so deadly.

Navy SEALs Stealth Helicopter | Go Back > Gallery For > Ghost Hawk Stealth Helicopter

Silent and Stealth Hawk. Helicopter used by the commandos Navy Seals.

An A129 in flight, with personnel riding on the landing gear

Does anyone know what army these guys are in and WHY their hanging onto the outside of a chopper in the first place!


US Army Bell Kiowa warrior. My job Is to work on these for the next four years I know an awesome solider that flew these in Iraq and Afghanistan. She's a true warrior and American.

Sikorsky has launched the S-97 Raider programme to fly and test a high-speed scout and attack helicopter

Foreign Militaries Eye Sikorsky S-97 Raider

Sikorsky Coaxial Compound Helicopter Technology Demonstrator Aircraft Achieves MPH: Is the Sikorsky Raider Compound Helicopter the U.S. Army’s Future Light Tactical Helicopter?

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