cool 37 Cool Ideas to Use IKEA for Your Interior Design

37 Cool Ideas to Use IKEA for Your Interior Design

European Interiors - Love the simplicity and elegance.

10 Key Features Of Scandinavian Interior Design // Simple Accents -- Decor is kept to minimum in Scandinavian design and bare walls and empty spaces are not shied away from.

Veel groen op de stellingkast plaatsen...!

Inspiratieboost: een open kast in de home office voor een clean effect

black ikea shelves | shelf styling inspo

Step Inside an Australian Brand’s Contemporary, Light-filled Office

How to style a coffee table with a unique spin on the Rule of Three for decorating. Jackie shows you how to arrange 12 objects are more without it looking cluttered. Also great for sofa tables, entry tables, dressers, and desks.

The Rule of Three for Styling Your Coffee Table

Coffe Table Styling - How to clean up and style a cluttered coffee table using the Rule of Three. Love how she uses stacking and trays to make everything look so neat.

There is an art to Bookshelf styling...I'm currently in the learning phase

Three Easy Tips for Bookcase Styling to Get it Just Right

Styling a bookcase. I feel like I would need to own fewer books in order to achieve this look. Or just more bookcases. Definitely more bookcases.

books, toys, and more!

20 kid room shelves with styling you’ll want to copy

Just a coffee table, an old bookcase, and some paint! #DIY Reimagined furniture!

love this idea, except for the coffee table part and only because the bookcases are too tall. It's a coffee table, an old bookcase, and some paint. Use a plain bookcase and add crown molding to the top and trim down the front.